10 Popular Styles of Video Animation

10 Popular Styles of Video Animation

Animated video

Videos that have been created using distinctive designs, images, drawings, or computer-generated effects and have also been provided a dynamic motion using a range of artistic approaches are referred to as animated videos. They don't need any live-action recording to communicate a message or tell a tale. You may make your main ideas stand out with the help of animated video, which is a rich, interesting medium that is affordable and simple to administer. It provides all the advantages of a visual medium while requiring far less resource usage than you may anticipate. Video animation is the process of enhancing animation and making it available in a video format file. Currently,.mp4,.avi,.wmv, and.mov are among the most used file types for video content. video animation has numerous applications, including advertising videos, explainer videos, educational movies, Videos of comedy or skits, Game related videos, and Vlogs

Maybe there aren't any professions where using videos isn't acceptable. Videos may be used to improve clarity and accessibility, whether your material is informative, instructive, lighthearted, or comical. Since animated sales films are so successful in the realm of digital marketing, business owners now use them.

Advantages of Video Animation

Although video animation has many advantages, some of them are 

easy to make

Videos are often extremely customizable since animated videos can be created quickly and easily (with the correct equipment). Once you have chosen your target audience or age range, you may create a video that appeals to them.

Make your ideas come to reality.

Making an animated video could help if you've ever had problems expressing your ideas. There seem to be no restrictions on what you can make for your animated video. you can express any topic through video.

Digital marketing materials can be reused

Animated video can be used again in the future to the extent you have success with it or a duplicate of it. You may post your stuff on other websites that support video sharing much more easily as well. If you ever require updating your video to include extra information, you may do so easily by removing it and making the necessary edits.

Reduces the Complexity of Information

 video animation can explain a difficult topic that is hard to understand otherwise. If you're teaching your pupils a challenging method, for instance, you might record your screen and add a narration that explains and walks through the steps.

It's Simple to Find Professional Assistance

You can engage a variety of video production businesses to complete the task for you. The benefits much exceed the drawbacks, even if it does cost you some money. You can also ask them to add more information or change some of their work if you're not happy with it. These professionals will assist you in turning your ethereal concepts into something tangible and clear.

Video Animation styles

There are many styles of video animation in the world that would be helpful if you want to make animated videos.

Whiteboard animation videos

A type of video called a "whiteboard animation" shows the viewer still images being drawn on the screen. Some animators on whiteboards create their illustrations by hand. Some people use pre-drawn images that you may slide into your whiteboard. To give your whiteboard some flair, you also may add transitions, text, or some effects. The narration usually follows the custom whiteboard animation video to further clarify what is happening on the screen. Animation films and sketch animation videos may be created easily and quickly with the help of tools like VideoScribe while still producing a high-quality final product. By making a few simple adjustments, VideoScribe may also be used to generate animations for chalkboards. Some characteristics of whiteboard animation videos are:

They stand out - whiteboard animation increases information retention by 15% compared to talking head videos.

They are adaptable - Whiteboard animations are appropriate for any subject, including educational videos to marketing content

They are simple to make yourself - Contrary to live-action video content, creating whiteboard animations doesn't require any specialized knowledge or expensive equipment. Tools may quickly complete all of your labor-intensive activities for you.

They maintain interest - Our senses are stimulated by the combination of sound, movement, and sights, and the way that animations are drawn makes us curious about what will happen next.


Animated and Live Action videos are combined to create Try living. After recording all the necessary information, you add animation elements. These components consist of text, Transitions, and Graphics. Live animation is fantastic since it's simple to create, even if you're just learning. Additionally, it adds a little extra flavor to your standard live-action video, which can make it more enjoyable.

Motion graphics animation

An animated video that uses motion graphics as its animated elements is called a motion graphic animation. Make a graphic design move in your mind. Put all those animated graphic elements together, and then add some voiceover, music in the background, and text. Motion graphic animation falls under this category. 

Motion graphic animation doesn't need to be very detailed or complex. In actuality, straightforward motion graphics perform best. It depends on the message you want to deliver with your video. Motion graphic animation can be used to tell a story, clarify complex ideas, and promote your business's products.


Kinetic-Typography Animation, which is a little bit dissimilar from Motion Graphic Animation, is next on our list. This time, the moving element is text rather than graphic designs. This is often how animators exchange ideas. To convey messages, these videos frequently include narration. Additionally, dynamic typography can sometimes be employed to arouse feelings. Commercials, customer testimonials, instructional videos, and lyric videos can all be made with them.

Animation using paper cutouts

A stop-motion animation video employing actual cutout items or characters that have been photographed and stitched together is known as paper cutout animation. The things appear to be moving in each photograph, which is somewhat different from the previous image. Materials are typically constructed of rigid cloth, cardboard, or paper. If you want to produce a short film or express a tale, paper cutout animation frequently produces the greatest results.

Screencast Animation 

Animation for screencasts or screen recordings works precisely as it sounds. You take a screen capture, add some voiceover or subtitles, and then edit the video as necessary. To address or emphasize a point, you can include kinetic typography, motion graphics, and some other features. These are typically created for academic or teaching videos.

Animation using digital cutouts

A paper cutout animation video differs from a digital cutout animation. Instead of hand-drawing the figures, you use a graphic tablet to create them, and then you edit them together to make them appear as stop-motion videos. Making short films or presenting stories using this type of video is also a wonderful idea. This can also be used to show how a process works step by step.

Animation Cartoon

An improved variant of a digital cutout animation is a cartoon animation. Movement appears natural and seamless, blending in with the surroundings. Animation in cartoons is common. There is innumerable animated tv show produced for both children and adults to enjoy because cartoons are so popular.

Cartoon animation is typically used for fun, but it may also be used to teach knowledge, and go over detailed procedures.

Figure-Stick Animation

One of the most straightforward types of cartoon animation is stick figure animation. Stick Figure Animation can be made entertaining even if it's very straightforward by including text, animation, humor, music in the background, and narration. If you want to give a more relaxed tone to a dry subject as well as a dull topic to discuss, this type of animation movie works best.

3D animated video

Three-dimensional animation, sometimes referred to as 3D animation, is a type of animation video style that employs 3D visuals. Given that it takes time to make, it is primarily employed in movies and television shows. On a digital platform, though, you can also employ 3D graphics to depict real-world objects. When your viewers cannot physically view the model, like in the case of a medical sector or a 3D model of some company, it is advantageous.

If you find it difficult to make animated videos then you can go for a video animation company. They help you make successful videos that can help your business grow. Top video animation company provides all animation services under single hood.3D animation services are also provided by these companies


If you ever wish to create a video, these fantastic forms of animation can provide you with a variety of options., whether you're an instructor, a marketer, or a video content developer.

You can make your video animation by using a variety of web programs, though. Keep in mind that content is equally as important as your choice of animation. You would not be able to create a fantastic animated video without strong content.

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