10 Steps to Building Your Brand on Social Media

10 Steps to Building Your Brand on Social Media

In old times people stood outside stores and stared at gorgeous dresses, lustrous jewelry, handcrafted shoes, stylish purses, and whatnot. Fashion Houses like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton were famous worldwide, best known for exhibitions of high-end products. Thus, earning all the profits and praise! But now, things have changed dramatically due to social media. It has opened gateways for big and small merchants alike. 

Over the years, social media has become the mainstream channel to sell products. Individual vendors have become more accomplished online rather than doing business on the streets. There are many platforms available, which have their own special features. Popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others. Each of these platforms have special features that are used accordingly.

Furthermore, online sellers have stepped up the game with social media by connecting it to their e-commerce websites. It has helped them increase brand awareness, generate more organic traffic, improve brand credibility, which led to more sales. Thus, increased profits at the end of the month.

If you are also considering building your brand persona on social media, follow these simple steps below:

1. Update your social media accounts

The first step is to make sure you’re updated on social media. You need to create separate official accounts for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Besides, you can use different platforms that are ideal to boost your sales and increase brand authenticity. Make sure all your information is up to date with the latest landing pages. It helps you create trust among your customers.

Furthermore, updating your online accounts means you’re an active person who is serious about his business. You don’t beat around the bush, but push your limits when it comes to improving your online branding services.

Other benefits of updating your social media accounts include increased brand recognition, higher business dominance among rivals, and better rankings on Google. Not forget to mention, staying up-to-date means your brand comes to the spotlight, and the general online community talks about your brand. Hence, helps you build your brand together with a healthy relationships with your clients.

2. Start with your Expertise

Once you’re done with the updates and procedures required, you need to know your expertise. In no way it means that you have to change your products and services into something else, but what interests your customers. You need to well aware of what they like about you and your brand. Next, try to be consistent on the things you’re getting the most credit for.

You need to experiment here and there with your content. It could be anything from book reading, new product launches, services, new ideas, deep talks on philosophy, history, etc. You need to be watchful about the demand of your audience. Also, you can also try to mix things up in such a way that it attracts more people rather than repelling them.

Additionally, you need to comment to your users who comment on your Facebook post, Instagram picture, or on your video on YouTube. You need to be interactive to understand your expertise as per your viewer's preference.

3. Use Social Media Management Tools

The best way to increase brand awareness and global reach is to use SMM tools and platforms. It helps you create coherence among different platforms, so you don’t need to open each online account separately. Eventually, things get pretty simple and easygoing for you. This is why social media agency San Francisco has the best reputation when it comes to utilizing SMM services. They help their clients achieve online success through interconnected all their accounts through a single SMM portal.


Buffer is the most popular SMM platform you can use right now. It is basically a time management tool that helps you post simultaneously on different social media accounts. As well, it allows you to post a picture with a different caption on each SM platform. You can also ask users to follow on Instagram through your Facebook post or vice versa. So, you might be thinking how am I suppose to use it? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Open the app and update your post queues for different business/brand accounts online. Follow the schedule that you feel is best working for you.


Every platform has a specific timeframe when it is best to post on them. For instance, you can search for ‘Instagram popular times’ in Google to look at the best posting times when the audience is at large. It helps you increase brand awareness much quicker, as more active online users are able to see it.


Furthermore, there are several SMM platforms you can use. It is recommended you use the one that works best for you. Some popular ones are Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Facebook Power Editor, Social Mention, Tweet Deck, and many others. You can also search for the best social media marketing companies near me on Google to hire someone who specializes in SMM management.

4. Consistently share on social media

To make your brand trustworthy among customers, you need to post on a daily basis. Make sure each time you post, it has to be something unique otherwise it would be spamming. You don’t want to lose your customers nor want your brand to decrease in its value, right?! Therefore, be watchful of what you’re posting. When you share new posts with new products and prospects for the audience, it makes them feel confident in your business, or brand.

Many online surveys have found that a single post in 24 hours is enough to be able to expand your reach towards potential clients. It could go to a 2-post limit, sometimes 3 on rare occasions, but should not exceed this limit. The American software products developer and marketing Hubspot found that Facebook pages with less than 10,000 fans observed a 50% drop in engagement. They analyzed why it occurred, and it was found that the page admins were only sharing a single post every day.

5. Create & Curate to make compelling social media posts

The next step is to make content posts accordingly. Curate your content to make it appealing for the readers, you don’t want the audience to lose sight; they stick to your brand with interest. Therefore, you need to create and curate your social media content with neat and professional touches. It helps maintain your brand worth on social media together with increased business legitimacy.

There are many benefits of curating your content. Firstly, it settles the debate whether you’re a fake or not. By producing eye-catchy posts for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you set your benchmarks straight with confidence. With proper curation early on, your brand image becomes noteworthy. You start generating leads, enhance your SEO, validate your online brand database, and win a big clientele under the roof.

6. Import all your Contacts

Keep up with the social media postings and updates. In due course, increase brand awareness and boost sales. Since social media is a vast domain of different places, features, and interactions, you need to hold your grounds. Since you’re on various online platforms for quite a while, you need to gather your contacts just like your resources. Make sure you remain updated with your contact list for all of your accounts on social media.

The online social network is a big place, so there are high chances you’re not in touch with the main players. All you need to do is import your contacts. How do you do it? It’s simple! Import your contacts from your phone directory, Gmail, and Outlook into your networking accounts. The best place to import all your contacts is LinkedIn. This is the best place to get business and brand support from your close contacts. It also helps you engage with your connections more interactively as well as connect the dots with others.

7. Be Optimistic

Always be passionate about things you do online. Whether you talk, play games, use social media or browse the internet, you need to be positive. Be optimistic! Carry on with your e-commerce ventures, sell products, recommend services, and gain clients with open hands. You need to realize it’s all going in the corporate book; inside your resume. So have a good one.

Remember, entrepreneurs and big firms that are hopeful in both real and virtual worlds tend to be more successful. They improve value of their business brand, create new business strategies, and find breakthrough concepts. Hence, work more competently online.

8. Join Groups and Pages

Another aspect that’s hugely popular to increase brand awareness is you enter the right zones. Join up dedicated pages, follow celebrities, and join groups. Once you’ve entered these market-focused territories, you need to act fast; gradually reveal your brand with authority through suitable ways. As aforementioned steps to game up your online business, you follow each of them in sequence. You interact with a lively tone, share scheduled posts daily, and post imaginative content in these groups.

Furthermore, your brand reaches new levels of credibility due to sharing them within the social media secondary pages. It helps others gain confidence in you when you share your brand outside your official zone (page). In other words, they believe in you and your passion when it comes to online business. So, make sure you enjoy your stay on various social networking platforms and use them to their maximum levels.

9. Create Unique Brand Voice

Everybody knows well you communicate well, but not everyone realizes your brand has a voice of its own. You have to add a persona to it as you have your own personality. Your personal traits, business strategies, and inventiveness should reflect your online ventures.

There are many ways you can create your brand voice also known as image. Keep note, be consistent with your marketing tone. Try using one of two catchwords that define your brand with a louder voice. In the end, your e-commerce main product is recognized by a huge audience. You get to enjoy excellent brand loyalty. Your business value intensifies, which could even lead to sponsorship by eminent companies.

10. Study famous Influencers online

Don’t forget to follow influencers on social media. See what they got. What are their main charms that are working for them? Do they own a brand or are brand ambassadors for famous companies? You need to find all the answers before you start studying their successful traits. But most of the time, it’s their talents, unique content, and communications skills what make them stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, social media influencers come up with trendy stuff each time they post something new. They always post stuff that triggers not only their target audience but others as well. We have seen how influencers post titles and thumbnails on YouTube to make it look more interesting. There’s always something to stir the internet with. This is one of the main reasons anything that goes viral is usually posted by a famous person (influencer).

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