2D or 3D Animation which to Choose?

2D or 3D Animation which to Choose?

In today’s era, there is a prevailing trend for video animation. People are willing to pursue their careers in the field of animation. As technology is pacing ahead, it is getting difficult for novices to choose their career in the digital video animation industry.  

People are confused with the traditional and modern trends in a video animation. They are unable to decide between a 2d or a 3d animation. Both are amazing fields that can make a long-lasting career for newcomers in the industry. They have to choose any one field which they think will be better for them in the future.

The difference between 2d and 3d animation is really a tough job. Any newcomer cannot judge between the two and will get confused about choosing the one field. 2D animation is simple and traditional. 3D animation is complex and advanced.

Following are a few crucial differences between 2D and 3D Animation:

2D Animation

The term 2d animation refers to the two-dimensional design view from the X and Y-axis. The X-axis shows the horizontal row and the Y-axis displays a vertical column. The combination of these two axes defines two-dimensional or simply 2d animation. It uses a hand-drawn diagram sketch on the blank paper to show the illustration of your ideas to the clients.

2d animation comprises visual FX, characters and objects in a two-dimensional frame. It uses adobe after effects to show visual effects to the audience. 2D video animation agency is famous for its cartoon animation. Many Disney cartoons are based on this technology that builds a compelling engagement with the viewers on the screen. People like to watch cartoons over and over again due to 2d animation.

3D Animation

3D animation refers to the three-dimensional design layout. It consists of the X, Y, and Z-axis. These axes define the length, height, and depth of a design structure. 3D does not depend on hand-drawn images. It provides a dynamic movement and motion of genuine still images.

3D animation uses computer-based software like auto desk Maya and 3d studio max to add more background colors, shades, lighting, and visual motion effects. The idea of 3d animation works on the process of sketching, modeling, and rigging. These are core process elements of 3d video animation and make it dynamically appealing to the target audience.

Here are the benefits of using 3d animation:

Shows a Realistic Appeal

3D animation shows a realistic appeal to the customers. It gives an interactive and immersive experience to the audience and catches a magnificent attraction. Animation portrays a visual charm and beauty of a video to the customers. It engages customers with compelling video production and brings amazing results to the businesses.

Saves Time and Money

3d video animation saves a lot of money and time. It avoids businesses the hassles of traditional advertising that costs them a lot and invests their finance. The use of 3d production eliminates the worries and gives you ease and comfort. Animations save expenses and add return on investment for your organization.

Enhances the Business Image

Many companies use 3d animations services today. They use it in sales, marketing, and advertisement. 3D animation gives a modern and elegant view of a video. It adds a creative touch to a video and improves the reputation of a business to show a sophisticated image. Customers easily understand the 3d products and are eager to buy them. 

Excellent Product Design

3d animations have excellent uses in interior design and architecture. It offers 3d modeling services to businesses and shows the dynamic product view. The use of 3d animations in architecture gives countless options and ideas to modify the look and feel of your house. It is a popular technique nowadays to enhance the better design view of a house and shows the stunning effect to the viewers.

Leaves the Lasting Impression

3d animations profoundly impact customers. It drives sales and conversions. Using 3d simulations is a beneficial and helpful way of creating a vibrant appeal to customers. A video animation company adds tremendous elegance and glamor to a video to make it even more appealing to watch till the end.

Faster Mode of Communication

3d offers a faster and simple mode of communication to the customers. It grabs an instant attraction and conveys the right message to the audience. Businesses use 3d production to attract and convert customers. It extends their presence and hooks their eyes on the screen.

Brings Originality and Creativity

Originality is the essence of animation. It allows designers to use their mental capabilities and conceive fresh ideas to bring them into action. The creativity is at par in 3d animation and it surpasses other mediums due to its stunning and compelling visual effect on the viewers. The combination of creative and original ideas results in an exceptional appeal to the audience.

Conveys a Brand Message

Storytelling is an essential part of video animation. It provides narration to viewers to develop interest and retain their presence till the end. Businesses convey their brand messages in the form of animation and impress their customers. It increases their brand identity and elevates their business image. 3D builds a strong and reliable connection with the audience and establishes long-term durable relationships with them.

Evokes Emotions

Emotions are the inner feeling of human beings. 3D videos trigger the emotions and evoke their sentiments to define the company values, culture, background history, mission, and vision. It creates awareness in customers to know about the business and convinces them to buy products and services.

Transforms the Fantasy into Reality

3d animations transform fantasy into reality. They show a realistic view of the video and add incredible appeal to the visitors. Using 3d enhances style and glamor to the video and beautifies the look and feel. It shows the creativity of a designer to bring life to video with colors, fonts, graphics, and animations.

Educates and Entertains the Customers

3D animation is the best means of the platform to spread education and provide entertainment to the customers. It engages the audience with its compelling design and adds interaction to the audience.  The animated characters add humor to the video and enhance the value of customers’ emotions.

Enhances the Brand Reputation

3D animations enhance the brand reputation. It increases the business image and elevates its global presence in the market to the customers. It builds the authority of a business in its desired field of industry. The use of 3d videos in business improves product visibility and boosts sales and revenues with a higher return on investment.

Widens the Audience’s Reach

3D video animation broadens the audience reach. It expands customers’ access on multiple platforms and increases the value of traffic and leads. Businesses can reach customers through several means of platforms such as social media and video channels to make them viral on the internet. They post and share videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to boost user engagement.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above provide excellent differences between the 2d and 3d video animation. In the current era, there is a rising demand for 3d animation among clients. Companies use this technology in their business marketing strategies. It helps them stand out in the local competitive market.

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