5 Motion Graphics Trends in 2022

5 Motion Graphics Trends in 2022

Animation is much more than just comics and kids’ fun. Video animation company have now grabbed the commercial world by storm in the digital realm. It's the finest way to get people's attention using their eyes. Of course, it opens up a whole new universe of invention and innovation, but motion graphics grab more attention than static graphics on a practical basis. Given the restrictions of streaming feed, a rolling ball animation might be the best alternative.


Why Are Corporate Animations So Essential?

Most 3D video animation services put their minds and efforts into making the perfect output. Even the best things will fail if they are not well-marketed. The online world has made it easier and more profitable to sell various goods and services. In today's world, engaging animated videos for your brand are one of the most effective ways to raise awareness among your targeted audience.


  • Learn About Your Customers: One of the most significant essential benefits of animations is that they enable you to interact with your customers. It helps engage your customers and allows them to stay on your website for more extended periods of time.
  • Assists your client in grasping your services Easily:

A man presenting notions in a room is worth less than an animated video. In a similar approach, an animated video works. A single animated video would suffice on your website's landing page.


Your product will be much simpler whether you utilize a whiteboard animation film or a 2D animation video. You may easily break down how your product works to its most primitive sense with the use of an animated video.


  • Expanding Your Horizons: You may just use an animated film to spread the word about your product or service in an entertaining and engaging way. As a business owner, you want to interact with as many clients as possible to sell your products or services.


In 2022, what are the top 5 animation and motion design trends?

Animation and motion graphics have developed into powerful marketing and promotional tools. In today's digital age, they keep driving numerous business promotion forms and assist build a whole new way of promoting goods and solutions.


This informative blog will go through the top 7 animation and motion graphic design trends that many animators will be following in 2021. So, what do you have to lose? Let's get this blog started right away!


1. The blending of 2D and 3D elements

This year, 2D and 3D are still extensively combined in videos. Many developers believe that mixing them gives a video a distinct aesthetic and increases viewer attention. The most visible expressions of this notion are the fusion of 2D and 3D animation and the fusion of 2D structure with animations.


This method can be used in large-scale commercial videos and small-scale digital ads.


The craze of 3D video animation company is currently rising is gaining popularity nowadays. It gives designers the freedom to build whatever they want because it provides limitless options.


From clever mashups using 2D and cardboard cutting parts to hyper-realistic 3D images that blur the lines between virtual and tactile, there's something for everyone. In terms of the latter, in 2022, there will be a tremendous partnership between 2D video animation services and 3D services that will combine the perfect combination.


2. Flowing and Morphing Gestures


Morphing is an image-by-image way of restoring motion graphics to their fundamental roots by collapsing shapes to a liquid-like effect and gently mixing the components in or out. The mixture of liquid materials and smooth timing makes morphing transformations enjoyable for the observer.


Liquid and morphing elements have clear and accessible fantastic and ethereal, making them ideal for looping animations and short, compelling advertisements.

This method is beneficial in website animation since it maintains users' attention on the page and lets them spend more time on the site.


As a result, it aids SEO since Google prefers sites so fascinating that people spend more time connecting with them than the average.


3. Contemporary Thin Line Animations 

This principal strategy, like flash and volume, can be quite appealing. It's a one-of-a-kind option since the thin lines call attention to the patterns and pictures on the screen.

Lines are employed throughout the video for a variety of purposes. 


They establish the mood, create patterns, and offer guidance. On the other hand, narrow lines played an intriguing role in 2020. Artists tried to create animations that looked like accurate hand-drawn drawings by keeping them highly tiny but distinct. It gives the videos a different aesthetic.


One of the most appealing trends in 2021 is linear art in animated videos and motion graphics. Many companies have already employed advertising and explainer videos to demonstrate the trend's potential. In 2022, we predict that this pattern will stay to be trendy.


4. Virtual Reality Animations That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Virtual reality, or VR, is a fun, cutting-edge kind of enjoyment that is swiftly getting popular. Virtual reality was once considered a playful, somewhat gimmicky video-on-demand style popular among many gamers in the 1990s.


What began as "space-age games" in arcades and virtual sports arenas has grown into a widely used tool capable of producing complex, enhanced media in a whole new way.

As part of their professional animation knowledge, more animators invest in technology like Oculus and Hololens. Instead of 3D modeling on a screen, you're right in the center of it, constructing anything to scale.


5. Vertical Animated Advertisement

We've seen trends in certain types of animation and images so far, but we're also finding parallels in how animation is organized and delivered. Because of mobile browsing, vertical video has been on the rise for years, thanks to phones, social media, and advertising.


In 2022, vertical animations are expected to be one of the most prominent motion graphic trends. We use TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, among other platforms, to engage with our audience vertically. A modest number of individuals turn their smartphones and tablets vertically to watch a video or take a picture. As a result, vertical videos for Instagram stories, TikTok, and Facebook advertising have grown popular.


Final Thoughts

Forth a wide range of fields of life and worldwide enterprises, 2022 will herald insignificant beginnings and accomplishments. These beneficial shifts in people's perceptions of the world and its beauty will impact animation and motion graphics trends. The latest video design trends change regularly. They are intensely aware of societal shifts and portray them.


In various sectors of life and worldwide enterprises, 2022 will be a year of essential starts and breakthroughs. These positive changes in society's views toward the outer world and its diversity have influenced animation and motion graphics developments. The growth of video design trends is unstoppable.

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