5 Myths About Social Media Marketing

5 Myths About Social Media Marketing

Compared to twenty years ago, advertising was rudimentary: design-worthy billboards, millions of flyers mailed out, and, of course, television ads. Even though consumers have moved into the digital space, they still want the attention of companies they admire. A majority of brands aren't using social media effectively and are stuck on the platform.

If you adopt a smart approach to promoting your businesses on social media, you have a clear chance of having a successful business. However, it would be best if you implemented your plans intelligently. Moreover, the trend of social media is increasing at a faster pace. Every business has a strong presence on social platforms because it successfully has almost eighty percent, active users. You cannot estimate the power of social media. It can either make or break a brand. Hence you must hire affordable social media marketing services or do it your way.

Here we are discussing five myths about social media marketing. With great things come great rumors. Let us get into the details!

The #1 myth of social media is that consumers don't read your posts

Contrary to popular belief, social media can influence purchase decisions as well as being read. As of 2011, Facebook was used for customer acquisition by 67 percent of B2C businesses and 41 percent of B2B businesses.

In any case, it's important to remember that a range of factors determines your reach on Facebook. Including the engagement, your fans have with your content.

If you are devising your social strategy, keep text-only status updates in mind; they perform poorly compared with images and links. A company like Proctor and Gamble organizes contests, uses compelling photography, distributes coupons regularly, and assigns employees to be brand ambassadors.

However, don't mistake Facebook for being the be-all of social networks. There are plenty of more that can accelerate your business growth. Regardless of the social network, any text, video, image, contest, or coupon you publish will be read by consumers.

The #2 myth- A surplus of content could expose trade secrets to competitors

Having thirty pages of content does not automatically qualify you to be a bookbinder. By stopping social content development because you fear that others could imitate your business model could cause your company to deviate from social media goals. And that is not the right call! Your business must make a strong presence on the platform by regularly posting on it. If your ideas are better, let others copy them. People only remember you for initiating them for the first time. All the rest are copies and clones. 

Your competitors will see your inability to provide industry knowledge and remain current if you don't leverage social media. Hence, you must expose your business strongly on the platform. 

The #3 Myth - You cannot heal the Reputation wounds through social media

You may negatively impact your reputation by ignoring feedback on your website. You can ruin your search results reputation by receiving bad remarks on your business.

Avoid tarnishing your reputation by using an aggressive social media strategy from the start. It may lead you to adverse drawbacks for your business. Hence, you may not be able to fix the reputation in the industry for a long time then. So, you must post intelligently and devise a smart yet intelligent social media marketing strategy for your business. 

Assure the administrators of your social pages are powerful to deal with problems quickly, individually, and thoroughly. You need to serve and answer the clients as soon as possible, which is the best approach to initiate two-way communication with them. After all, it helps in strategizing your approach on the platforms. 

The #4 Myth - The only way to measure social success is by social interactions

While social interactions are an influential KPI, sales opportunities and revenue should be considered the ultimate measure of success. However, if you don't generate sales from those interactions, the campaign is nothing but a failure. Regardless of how many interactions you are managing to get through. Marketers are there to generate sales.

It shows that Pinterest isn't just for moms and creative types, but also for businesses: Joseph Knoop has more than 3.8 million followers on Pinterest:

He quotes something like this to the readers: 

Several smaller clients, as well as Nordstrom and Deseret Digital Media, have been clients of mine. My pins are valuable to clients purely because they get repinned and liked a lot, bringing interested buyers to their website. After all, it is all about generating sales for your business. 

Hence, we can conclude in a single sentence that social interactions are important, but it is also important to devise multiple strategies to generate sales for your business. 

The #5 Myth - There is no cost to social media marketing

Although there are no hidden costs with social media marketing, popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are still free. Development of a marketing strategy might be one of these costs and creating content assets, posting updates, and responding to customers. However, you must spend on the extra promotional activities you conduct on the platforms.

You need to hire someone who will prioritize the plan, implement it, implement the messaging, and monitor the mediums for customer feedback. This will enable you to create an active and engaging social media promotion.

Pay-per-click campaigns on social media are costly. However, they can be extremely effective at increasing brand awareness and gaining new followers outside your existing customer base. Hence, there are various activities to conduct on social media, but with benefits comes the price to pay.

Final thoughts

As a business owner, you need to forget about the circulating myths on social media. Instead, devise intelligent strategies to make a prominent presence on the platforms. After all, that is the only way you can succeed. All the best!

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