8 Elements of Modern Web Design Trends

8 Elements of Modern Web Design Trends

Every year brings new trends and techniques to the digital world. We see some great elements and styles being incorporated in web designs.

It’s not necessary to incorporate all the elements to make your design stand out in the competitive marketplace. However, if you plan to add the features thoughtfully, it can leave a great impact on the users because users like upgraded versions. 

Some elements targets to improve performance on specific devices whereas some tell the brand story perfectly. It is all about how you are incorporating the new elements to make your design look outstanding.

There are many responsive web design services available to make you have a leading edge in the ever-growing market as you want to stand-out in the marketplace. In this article, we will talk about eight elements that can improve your website’s performance in modern-day web trends.

Minimal Content

It is common to believe that everything needs to be included on the home page. However, in today’s world, designers are following a reverse approach. They are producing web designs that have minimal content on the website.

The minimal and simplistic approach to a web design can leave a good impact on the users. Keeping in mind, they are readable, customer-centric, and easy to navigate.

It is observed, cluttered websites often lead towards a high ‘bounce rate’ and the customer never returns to the website. Make sure you are fulfilling the sole purpose of a website, which is generating maximum leads. Having simple and minimal content on the website can help you generate the desired revenue.

Unique typography

Typography plays a vital role in depicting your brand personality. Designers nowadays create typefaces to give a brand a unique persona. Please note, the typography of your website should highly depict the brand persona. All the little details hold their importance when it comes to designing.

Most companies have set typography that their customers immediately recall when they come across that brand’s competitors. Recently designers received a larger selection of fonts to choose from, and have a unique edge.

The subtle hint of your unique typography will tell the users who you are and what services you are offering.

The big and responsive hero prop

Graphical representations leave a great visual impact on the users. We are all attracted to graphics more than texts like who would want to read too much text on a website? Pictorial representations can give a subtle hint of the brand.

Having a large responsive hero prop on the website creates a strong visual experience for the visitors. They feel encouraged to scroll down on your website.

Automated background videos

Having an automated video in the background can add a lot of fold to a single page. It depends on your designer what kind of videos should be added to the web page, be it an explainer video or a tutorial.

The videos serve as one of the great elements to get your visitors engaged. It certainly enhances their web experience as well. Moreover, it also elevates their interest as they ought to understand some of the key features of your brand. Isn’t that just a creative approach?

Variation in designs

Some 3D images are difficult to comprehend which is why designers are incorporating the approach of using flat designs to a website.

You can either have a mixed approach or go for a completely flat design technique. Adding some shadows, tints, and shades to give dimensions to the images. Living in a digital world, there is a lot that can be added to our designs, every tool holds key importance in making your design look unique, just the way you like it.

If you are confused about this, you can always search for web design services near me on Google and have it all in just one click.

Big product images

Adding larger product images on a website will help the users understand the different features of a product effectively. This way your buyer will know what they are purchasing. Sometimes it is great to explain your products through pictures, this way users can generate a solid understanding of the products. It’s scan-friendly and a very convenient approach.

Hamburger menus are trending

Long website menus are cliché, opting for a more specific and different approach gives rise to the hamburger menus. This element is considered as a ‘happy go around’ menu as it takes the user directly to their favorite feature. Such types of menus are actively incorporated in a web application. But now they are used on normal web designs too.

To have a great user interface, it is important to make your website look crisp to the users, busy navigations often make them evade your website.

Use Card designs

Card design being used on websites is gaining popularity. Websites like Pinterest and fiver are already following this approach.

Having all the basic information with a picture in a card format delivers easily digestible chunks of information for the users. They can read multiple product descriptions simultaneously. Make sure your card is well-designed and highly responsive. Many B2B and B2C websites are utilizing this approach because it's convenient and creative at the same time.

Final thoughts

With the emergence and latest upgrades in web design services, you can completely customize your websites effectively. Your motive is to fulfill the main purpose of a website, which is to lead your visitors to a buyer. By following the latest trends and elements you can achieve the desired business goals. All the very best!

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