9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm Web Design Agency

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm Web Design Agency

In the early days of the internet, buying products and services online alone was enough to make us gasp. But we all got used to it as the magic of digital technologies evolved. Who knew that everything at the shop or on the tables would get on the web? Now nothing can escape cyberspace without going through its check-in booth. To the extent that not even the jurisdiction system can run it. Now every other law firm requires an online platform to provide online assistance to their clients. Of course, it doesn’t mean that our lawyers and courts are the prime suspects, but taking court sessions happens quickly, with swift decisions.

Furthermore, crimes and illegal conducts are on the rise, prompting police departments to use the power of the internet. It is the primary reason we see law firm web design and development services are growing in popularity. Be careful when hiring a digital company that offers similar benefits. You never know who’s working on the other end of the screens. Therefore, it’s better to employ an online agency substantiated by your country’s running body.

Apart from verifying the company you wish to hire, it’s better that you create a series of questions. The questionnaire should be able to highlight all the significant signs and symbols. It should contain ample probing inquiries to authenticate the online law firm web designing agency. Do not worry if you don’t know what to ask. Below are the best questions you can ask the people on the other end to win the case in your favor. Good luck!

1. Do you have in-house SEO expertise?

First and foremost, the law firm you are about to hire should be well-off with SEO technologies. Every expert in the house should have enough skills to optimize websites for their clients. Besides, no one wants to hire a software house that does not promote your business for Google and other search engines. So, you better be careful with non-SEO-friendly firms trying to prey on you in return for hefty cash.

Furthermore, a law firm website should consistently rank on top of the search results. No client will love to hire an online “case-fighting” company that cannot do justice with their SERPs ranking. Getting the point?! If you want to acquire good contacts of clients and legal companies, your website should be viewable on the pinnacles of search engines: specifically on Google.

2. Can you create a responsive website?

Next, ask them if they have enough skills to create a highly responsive law firm website. We all know how crucial the ‘loading speeds’ of an internet site are and how they can affect your business. As well, win the hearts of your clients. Also, you have to make sure the expert you’re employing knows the ABCs of “website responsiveness.”

Furthermore, some website designers can add overstatements and boil down your site down the wire. Make sure your website is elementary with all the vital essentials clients require. There is no need to add a theatrical appeal to your website’s theme. Keep things low-key yet sensational to impress your clients.

Never go for fancy plugins that could destroy your website’s soul and main purpose. Besides, a law firm’s web design is never about gaudy elements but invests reliable information. A legal company never runs of ideas and breakthrough concepts but on specific rules that balance the seat of judgment. Thus, keep things simple with easygoing features to speed up your site. A survey conducted by DoubleClick shows 53% of users lose interest if a website speed is low. Be watchful when hiring a company in this regard.

3. Will you follow domain & hosting policies?

Remember, a web design company that demands to host your company is suspicious. So, you better be careful when you consider someone for the job. However, you might benefit from stacking up your website on a faster server. But it is generally outweighed due to securities and policies from authoritative state-run legal organizations. It’s better that you stick with the experts you feel comfortable with all along.

Besides, a law firm website is no joke. It is not an eCommerce company but a matter of life and death. You cannot give it into the wrong hands that might misuse it and misbehave with clients that reach you through its contact page. Take precautionary measures before hiring the right company that owns it with life.

4. What website builder will you use?

Ask the respected web design company which website builder they will use to create the law form web design? Besides, your site’s layout, features, and responsiveness will matter on the expert’s platform.

Make sure your website is created by using WordPress. However, you can also use other famous website builders like Block (formerly Squarespace), WooCommerce, SITE123, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Furthermore, ask the specialists about different features and specific drawbacks with other builders. Thus, helping you choose a suitable website platform according to your needs.

5. Will I receive updates for my law firm website?

You cannot ignore the updates to your law firm website. Besides, no one will believe your business is real unless relevant to them with timely updates. As well, ensuring keeping up with up-to-the-minute reforms in the jurisdiction domain.

Ask them how many plugins are free for your website? Is the web design specific, or might you get future updates? Are there any hidden charges for the updates? Will you be able to update the website all by yourself? Hence, create an adjoining questionnaire with the primary one. In the same way, you can also create more feedback forms related to specific niches/subjects you want answers for.

6. Do you guys stick to international advertising guidelines?

Never hire a website design firm that does not abide by your state’s rules regarding online advertising policies. Further, an attorney’s law firm website is a sensitive platform that should be all-heads-high for targeting the audience with appropriate CTAs (call to action).

7. Do you optimize law firm website design for mobile?

Please do not ignore the fact that most clients these days use their smartphones. Therefore, make sure the law firm web design and development firm use a mobile-first layout for creating your website. It will also help you consider a mobile app for providing lawyer services to users worldwide.

8. Who is the real owner of my website’s content?

You should know who holds the right to the content on your website. Firstly, you should always prefer new content on your site. But sometimes, you might need ready-made content for your website, so make sure it’s available for free. So, you can use it for your law firm platform.

9. Are you qualified for law firm web designs?

Last but not least, a website company should be qualified to create websites for law companies. It is not a third-party site nor a try-out eCommerce platform where you want to experiment with something fancy. Therefore, hire a company that is eligible to create such websites.

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