Best Instagram Features for Business

Best Instagram Features for Business

Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform to save memorable moments of life. But who knew it would become a powerful tool for your business online. Now it is used to streamline small-scale companies and enterprises around the world. Countless humble startups around the world started this trend. Consequently, big brands took notice of innovative Instagram features and acted immediately to make the most of it. For them, the “visual-centric” medium to broadcast business turned out exceptionally well.

Seeing the teeming up of businesses under Insta’s virtual umbrella made Instagram proprietors reconsider the platform. Thus, they made adjustments to allow companies to use it according to their requirements. Several business owners and multinationals own their official Instagram accounts today. They know the platform’s significance and realize how difficult it is to survive without it in the buzzing “web” marketplace.

Instagram has become a handy tool for investors looking to buy premium services. They can also hire famous influencers to help them disseminate their brand’s message to the world. But don’t you worry, as Instagram comes with many free-to-use features to showcase your brand/talent. It means that you don’t want to waste your time Googling “social media marketing companies near me.” So please make the most of it now before your competitor uses them to their advantage. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

1. Instagram Online Shopping

You can also sell products and services by using the shopping Instagram feature. Over the years, the photo-sharing platform has revealed numerous options to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Now you can post buyable products in the feed posts or on the Instagram Stories section on the header. As well, put available products in the Instagram Shop discovery tab.

Furthermore, Instagram has become a great “modern” alternative to the conventional online store Amazon. It is the primary reason new business owners are pulling off Bezos’ platform and using the photo-sharing platform.

Shopping Instagram features come with many benefits. First, it increases web discoverability for your products. It works effectively well for visual marketing for your brand/products. The most significant advantage of it is that it provides hassle-free online shopping. You can arrange different products in categories, create shopping Instagram posts, and create fun reels.

2. Links in Bio

Probably one of the best Instagram features that act like CTAs (call to action). Though it’s not a new-fangled element but a pretty old one, it works like wonders for business owners. According to many surveys, Instagram has record-breaking click-through rates. Bio links allow a smooth flow of web traffic, taking users to your sites directly from Instagram with a single click. Not intuitively an Instagram feature, but a channel to optimize interconnected digital networks.

Adding links in profile bios has many benefits besides taking users to your site’s landing pages. It helps promote your social media profiles, generates high-quality leads, and acts as a bridge between Instagram and YouTube. You can also monetize your bio links or try its free trial to make the most of it.

3. Instagram Live*

Yes, you can stream on the go with a TV-like Instagram feature that allows you to go live on the web. It enables users to interact with their followers like a journalist on television. You can circulate all the latest happenings and reveal updates of your business. It’s a great way to increase user engagement with you and your brand. Besides, you can use #hashtags for linking the hottest trends happening in the world.

Furthermore, celebrities and social media influencers regularly use the Instagram Live* feature. It helps them stay connected with their fans and keep them up-to-date about their lifestyles and ongoing projects.

Comparable to Facebook Live, Instagram’s live-streaming feature is a great tool to expand your reach globally. As well, connect with users who actively visit your Instagram profile and business website. The best part is that you can also review different products and services by demonstrating them live on camera. Thus, get a chance to win sponsorships from famous people and brands.

4. Gift Cards and Food Order Instagram Features

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic social-distancing rule, Instagram stays on the front lines. It released Gift Cards to help people stay emotionally connected with their loved ones. Also, it augmented other interactive elements for the visual-centric platform. Another great Instagram feature is that people can now order directly from the platform by using Food Order. The latter part has also helped the food industry immensely. To the extent that now restaurants and home chefs can take customers’ orders via Instagram.


You can easily term this Instagram feature as a sister app of the company, as it also has its dedicated app. IGTV is a whole new territory for going live. It operates like traditional TV and gives a unique experience to viewers. Popular video types televised on IGTV include tutorials, products, tours, interviews, etc. It’s a great medium to catch up with your audiences and create programs dedicated to them based on their interests.

6. Poll, Sliders, Question stickers, Quiz tags, and Countdown Stickers

Here are a few Instagram features bundled together due to their analogous nature. Poll Stickers are a great way to get users involved on the photo-sharing platform. They help increase interaction among audiences. Since all age groups use Instagram, it’s better that you create easy, comprehensible posts without any restrictions for age. 

Furthermore, slide stickers use emoji to attract audiences and are a widely used Instagram feature among youngsters. You can also add an emotional touch to your Instagram stories by adding emojis. You have various kinds of expressive stickers you can add to your posts. On the other hand, question stickers allow you to gather user feedback. Thus, help you improve your Instagram profile accordingly. Quiz stickers will enable you to test the knowledge of users. Last but not least, the countdown sticker is a great Instagram feature to add for upcoming seasonal sales, deals, events, etc.

7. Pinned Comments

As the name suggests, you can now pin comments that you feel add more value to your business. Besides, they motivate users who comment with essential comments and provide feedback to turn the table in your favor. Unquestionably, pinned comments are a great feature to keep user interaction going enthusiastically.

8. Instagram Stories Highlights

It’s one of the best Instagram features that keep the audience on their feet. Instagram Stories help audiences to keep up with your lifestyle and momentum. Plus, they allow businesses to promote their latest products and services interactively.

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