Brand 101: Creating The Visual Identity For Your Business

Brand 101: Creating The Visual Identity For Your Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own business in the ever-growing competition?

If yes, then you should know the importance of creating a visual identity for your business. There are numerous things to think about when you are taking baby steps for your business and creating its strong identity is one of them. First and foremost, there are a few questions that your mind should be able to answer. Such as, “What is your business?”, “what does your business offer? And “who will benefit the most from it?”

Answering some of the questions is way too important because it helps you create a brand identity. Since we are all living in a globalized world, we should be seeking some amazing digital branding services for our businesses.

What is visual identity?

A visual identity is often called brand imagery. There are many aspects included in this. You should be able to create visuals that resonate strongly with your audience and that requires a lot of work.

Every design choice you make plays an integral role in building your visual identity. Be it on a website, social media, or print. Your visitors believe what they see, and if your designs are impactful enough. You are sooner going to achieve the desired goal.

Moreover, if your brand visuals convey your brand vibe perfectly, you are going in the right direction. Perks of living in the modern world is, you can instantly contact a corporate branding service provider for assistance. They have full-fledged solutions to offer start-up businesses.

Some tips to create a visual identity for your brand

To create a strong visual identity for your business, it is important to understand a few important elements. Let’s walk through each of these elements in detail.

Choose the color palette wisely

Since every visual element bridges towards creating a strong brand identity. It is important to give your audience what they need. Make sure you make a wiser choice in choosing your brand colors. Let’s discuss some of the important color theories below;

Primary colors

Every color has a meaning. If you pick a color, you will find a whole history behind it. Primary colors in this regard are the basics through which other colors are put forward. It is important to know how the colors evoke different emotions. Your focus should be to choose those colors that positively affect your business. The color selection will further add to your user experience as well.

A complete color palette

Once you successfully choose primary colors, you need to create a color palette. You will choose a maximum of two or three colors for the logo and the rest will be utilized in your business’s website and various other branded channels.

Adding whites to the colors will make tints and adding black to a color creates shades. You can have variations of the same color used as well. That is totally up to you.

However, make sure your color choice is spot on and depicts your business strongly.

Typography leaves an impact

Your design and typography always run parallel to each other. They can greatly impact the way your audience will respond to your brand.

There is a wide variety of typography, your goal is to choose the one that associates your business’s personality and style. Every font is different from another and they all depict a particular stylization.

Understand the fonts

It is important to figure out which font goes well with the brand personality.

-          Sans Serif: San serif is a simple font that doesn’t have lines at the end of the letters

-          Serif: They have a more traditional outlook and found in newspaper more

-          Script: Script is a cursive font used to mimic handwriting

-          Monospaced: they depict a more typewritten text.

All in all, there are thousands of typefaces available and each of them holds a certain personality. Choose the one that suits your business.

Three fonts are the limit

Don’t choose more than three fonts for your business. Too many typefaces can give mixed signals about your business.

Choose a font for a header text that is big in size and readable

A good small-sized font for your body text and the third font is optional if you want to use the graphical representations for your businesses.

Learn font pairing rules

Choose the fonts that send a cohesive message to your audience. Your fonts should complement each other. For example, pairing a sans serif header with a serif body is a common pairing.

Hierarchy matters

In creating a strong visual for your business, it is important to place things in the correct hierarchy. Visual hierarchy plays a key role in engaging your audience. If you follow a unique sequel and place the elements in a contrasting order, your viewers might turn into potential buyers.

Imagery plays a key role

Graphical representations are always important to incorporate into your business. They create a strong visual identity. Business imagery can be in the form of photos, videos, illustrations, textures, or animations. Depending on your preferences. Moreover, we don’t suggest you utilize all of these imageries on a single page. You have a huge ground to play on. Selecting the element that goes perfectly with your business needs to be used.

Moreover, you can also create a hybrid design or manipulate the existing ones. Or maybe, mixing two designs into one can majorly affect your business. Depends on how you want to enhance your business’s visual identity.

Difference between photographs and illustrations

Illustrations and photographs are considered graphical representations. However, there is a fine line between these two elements. An illustration is what you create digitally whereas a photograph is an image clicked with a camera.

Some expert designers say illustrations have a greater impact on the users. You can add many creative elements to the illustration. However, some designers say, you can always use a mix and match between illustrations and photographs on your website. Visuals put your brand in the limelight. If you place it properly, you will be able to create a strong brand recall factor as well. This will ultimately help you reach the business goal.


The type of image impacts the users but your brand identity is enhanced if you apply it in an effective style.

You have a lot of effects to choose from, to give your graphics an enhanced visual representation. Make sure you have a perfect approach.


Placement of your imagery is highly important. Do not place it randomly. Users don’t like extra information. Make sure you follow a simple and easy-to-understand approach while placing the images.

Imagery colors

The colors you decided on in the initial stages of your business are going to stay with you throughout. Choosing images that have the same color theme is important. Make sure you don’t deviate away from the corporate colors of your business.

Don’t forget your business logo

Nowadays, users always seek a symbol that represents a brand or a company. A logo is highly important in this regard. It tells about your brand and is used across multiple platforms. Make sure your logo depicts your brand personality to the utmost. Good logos always leave an imprint on the minds of your users. If your logo is simple and engaging, it has a chance for a strong recall factor.

Creating a business logo follows certain processes. A creative brief along with all the fundamentals about the brand is required. This way the logo designer you have hired will be able to produce something that resonates with your business.

Moreover, colors, pictures, and typography are highly important when creating a logo for your business. Make sure you have a clear understanding of these elements.

Final words

Businesses in the modern world are highly reclined towards a digital approach. There are numerous ways through which you can accelerate your business value. In this blog, visual representation is discussed in detail. If you want your business to have a strong visual representation then, don’t miss out on the important points mentioned above. All the best! 

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