7 Smart Trends in Content Marketing Industry In 2021

7 Smart Trends in Content Marketing Industry In 2021

Sustainable content vs. content shock

The success of content marketing generates a huge volume of content. Companies and web design agencies are now all the more responsible not to take advantage of the consumer’s attention. So instead of relying on mass, content must above all be relevant. Otherwise, they will be drowned in the flood of content.

As for all media, the same applies to moving images, the integration of problem solutions, emotional and entertaining content or exclusive information represent valuable content for consumers. Tutorials and explanatory videos as well as storytelling approaches with an infotainment character continue to gain in importance. A survey showed the popularity of online tutorials last year.

Success factor content marketing distribution

The production of valuable content is clearly the basis. But where so much content is offered these days, measures are just as urgent to reach the target group. The distribution, i.e. the dissemination of the content, is, therefore, to be seen as an integral part of a content marketing strategy. Only in this way can it be guaranteed to be successful.

An accurate prognosis that can be understood particularly well using moving image examples. Only a few of the millions of online spots are lucky enough to be found and distributed by chance at the right time in the right place by someone who also has enough reach to trigger a viral runaway success. 

Even then, it remains unclear whether the intended target group will be addressed to the desired extent. If, on the other hand, you strive for measurable results and don’t want to leave your success to chance, you can incorporate video SEO and video seeding measures into your strategy.

Content Controlling

As one of the most successful media, moving images in particular benefit from the development. For example, if you take a look at the Facebook statistics of your video published or even advertised there, you will receive a very precise success analysis in a very short time and without much prior knowledge. 

Because platform operators have long recognized the demand for moving image content, companies benefit from increasingly better and mostly free options for their controlling measures.

Employer branding via content marketing

The CMI makes a very specific statement on the subject of corporate branding services online. According to this, more than three-quarters of all companies will use a content-driven strategy in employee communication in the next three years. The aim is to create a clear employer image. The message and language should be exactly the same internally and externally.

Which formats are particularly suitable is quickly answered? If one considers the popularity of the media used in the external target group, the appropriate medium for addressing employees can be derived from this. Billions of video views on Facebook as well as the mass of moving image data on YouTube and across the web give clear signals. Video also promises to offer the greatest potential in internal communication.

Mobile takes it all

What has already become apparent in user behavior in recent months will also come into focus in 2021 in content marketing. Whether shopping, news, or entertainment, users mainly dive into the digital world via mobile. But what does the mobile orientation of content marketing actually mean?

In the future, it will no longer just be about responsive websites or reducing the amount of data. Above all, it’s about placing information correctly at the right time. Recognize the context and use it.

We already know one approach from stationary retail. For example, while consumers shop in a supermarket, they receive coupons or information on special offers via a mobile app development on their smartphone. In the USA, this networking is currently still very early, but soon explanatory product videos could inform or entertain consumers at this point.

Video goes Longform and Livestream

The technology is ready, now the task is to create relevant content. The use of moving images via live streaming has been established for bloggers and news portals since 2021. There is still a lot of free potential here for

marketing. Everything stands and falls with storytelling. Even the success of innovative formats such as virtual reality or 360-degree videos.

The Content Marketing Forum also sees the stronger interlinking of long-form

videos as the actual content and short-form visuals as teasers as a coming development step. The how2 project for the product “Tax Saving Declaration” from our video content marketing repertoire from 2021 already illustrates this approach in a way that is easy to understand.

Establish effective products with explanatory videos – The tax savings declaration for Academic Working Group Publishing can be found as a best-case in our explanatory video gallery.

Particles instead of articles

As soon as a tweet or a post appears in our timeline, the next message bans it from our field of vision. So why should company content only consist of extensive contributions? In the future, stories in brand communication will be told much more on the basis of many small, meaningfully linked news reports in social media, according to the trend forecast.

In order not to be overlooked in constantly flowing news reports and to have the most lasting effect possible in a short period of time, the use of moving images is inevitable. The interlinking of long-form and teasers described in point six comes into play here. What is announced in the news feed with a short clip can then be seen in full on the company website, for example.

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