Why Good Web Design is Crucial in Google May Core Update 2021?

Why Good Web Design is Crucial in Google May Core Update 2021?

Google has announced the "May Core Algorithm" which will be implemented in the month of May 2021. It can cause a great impact on the websites of large and small business entrepreneurs. The significant custom web design element in this update is heard to be Google Page Experience”. How does your website work and what visitors can benefit from it?

As of now most industry professionals and experts are talking about improving your web page. The main thing which needs to be emphasized is the Web design and UI, UX of your page.

As a Professional Web design agency, Web design lane offers you the best web designing and development services which transform your website into customers. So, according to the page experience update, there are certain factors which need to be optimized.

Web designing is the crucial element of any business website. Somehow, good web design services can easily convert the first-time visitor into a consistent buyer. So, your web design needs to be optimized as per your business visitors.

There are certain points which are important in creating a business web design

Accessible Web Design

Accessible design is the part of website usability and accessibility analysis which says that your website must be accessible to all visitors and people can easily navigate your whole website without any kind of hurdle and difficulties.

This is also for disabled and visually impaired persons or blind. So, a website design should be simple and navigation must be in 2-3 clicks in reaching the main content. Deeper navigation is not likable by most of the visitors as it lessens the interest of the visitor and he can bounce back and exit from the website.

Landing Page Web Design

Landing Page is the main website entrance any visitor can come from. It is through either PPC (Pay Per Click Advertisement), Referral links, or through organic keyword research for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A landing page is a special kind of page which is specifically designed to close the lead and turn the prospect into potential buyers.

So, a landing page must look professional. It includes a conversion form, call to action text to induce the visitor to buy and make his mind to purchase. Moreover, the landing page should have a social sharing option and some links to the website. You can also put real user video testimonials and reviews to speed up the conversion process.

The landing page should be fast-loading and mobile optimized. As a visitor has the probability of intention to buy. If your landing page experience is slow, this will cause a negative impact on your visitor and he can leave the website without any interaction.

Form Web Design

A conversion form is the main source of converting a visitor into a prospective client. So, contact form designing is the main factor which needs to be emphasized.

A contact form must fulfill the main objective of the website, i.e., conversion. It should be fast-loading, responsive, and simple. Just a few fields can be used in creating a form. There must include a “Thankyou Page” which the user should land after successful form submission.

Button Web Design

Button designing is also extremely important for getting and retaining a client online. As buttons are the main call to action (CTA) item a visitor clicks after reaching in the landing page and then filling the conversion form. So, button designing must be creative. Vibrant colors must be used in CTA buttons to entice a website visitor for taking swift action to purchase which is the main objective to achieve.

Navigation Web Design

Navigation is the first level of a website which a user sees when landing on the website. It is part of the top-level funnel in the customer journey to buying. The navigation design should be creative and well-crafted. As navigation is the main entryway a visitor enters the website. It should be easy to navigate and inter-link the whole website.

A flat and SILO Navigation is much preferable. As it links all the sub-pages and categories in a single head. In this way, a visitor can easily understand which page relates to what kind of category and is good for conversions as well.


As per Google Page Experience update. A business website must have a good UI and UX and User experience. A good web design is the key to conversions. Proper UI and UX of the website must be ensured. Website navigation must be in a simplified format. Websites must be fast-loading and responsive. It must run perfectly on desktop and mobile. Hire a custom web design agency now to optimize your web design.

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