How to Make an Engaging Explainer Video?

How to Make an Engaging Explainer Video?

In today’s digital era, everyone likes to watch explainer videos. They give an engaging and stimulating experience to the audience. Nowadays, many organizations use explainer videos in their marketing strategies to enhance their brand value.

The term explainer video explains your brand. It portrays the features and qualities of your products to help customers buy them. Companies design the best explainer videos to increase their brand reputation in the market. These videos are demanding among all sizes of businesses in the market. They are ideal for simplifying complex and tedious ideas by making them worth interesting.

The thriving trend of explanatory videos is on the rise nowadays. Companies are willing to invest in dynamic videos that compel viewers to take action. Taking action means deciding to buy a product. Explainer videos are powerful means of marketing your brand and convincing the customers to make a purchase.

Many businesses intend to build an explainer video and integrate it into their website. However, they fail to get the idea and are not familiar with the process of creating an explainer video. Investing in an explainer video is a cumbersome process. It consumes a lot of time for organizations to buy the latest equipment and recruit a skilled in-house team of designers to present their unique concepts for an explainer video. They come up with something impressive for the audience.

All these efforts seem expensive for companies and give back nothing in return. The best way is to hire a video animation company to get their job done efficiently. It is a sort of agency that comprises a qualified and dedicated team of professionals who have years of expertise in video production and animation for many clients. Companies pay these agencies well to handle the production activities and ease their burden. They make video production enjoyable by adding fresh ideas and combining several components to give a perfect blend to customers.

Types of Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video gives you a classroom-based environment where you learn a new lesson every day. It explains to customers every single detail of the product simply and straightforwardly. People get no confusion and easily understand a business's purpose and function in less time. A whiteboard video gives you a detailed lecture about the inception and seamless operation of an organization. It is used for corporate marketing to advertise their brands and gain many customers.

360 Degree Video

It is an interactive yet immersive explainer of video marketing trends primarily used in the retail industry. Leading brick n mortar and online stores are adopting this strategy trend to highlight the features of their products to customers and convince them to buy. People now look for a real-time experience that satisfies them in purchasing the perfect product item they are paying for. Many in-stores exhibit a digital 360-degree display of clothing attires and provide different angles of visual mirror images to see yourself wearing an outfit. It shows you a measurable clothing fitting and displays your excellent personality appeal.

2D and 3D Animation Videos

The era of today is all about information. Choosing the 2D and 3D animation videos are fabulous techniques for delivering customers the authentic source of information and building robust interactions with them. These videos are highly captivating and capture the minds and senses of the viewers. They enable companies to integrate two and three-dimensional animation to create a tangible and profound impact on the customers.  

Animated Videos

These are interesting and compelling ways to hold customers’ attention and convince them to watch a video from the start to the end. They are short-length videos ideal for marketing and showcasing the salient features of products. Businesses make these videos more visually appealing by adding colorful infographics or including graphics and animations.  The incorporation of an animated explainer video enhances the visual appeal of a video and draws the magnetic attraction of the vast majority of audiences.

Vertical Videos

Vertical videos are technically meant for mobiles. They are popular among smartphone users and ensure accessibility of content on different video and social media platforms to reach a wider audience and cater to their requirements.

Following are the top tips for creating explainer videos in 2022:

Brainstorming a Unique Idea

Everything comes from the idea. It is an initial step in creating a popular and successful explainer video for a business. Businesses do not have ideas due to their busy schedule and commitment to activities. They do not even have sufficient time to think and ponder the purpose of creating a video. For this reason, companies hire third-party external agencies to execute their tasks efficiently. These agencies have a competent team with countless ideas to develop and market an explainer video with measurable results. They use their excellent mental and analytical skills to think out of the box and create something new for the audience that they like and appreciate.

Writing a Visual Script

Scriptwriting is a thoughtful task that requires a lot of dedication and concentration. Writing a visual script aims to create awareness among the audience to understand your business clearly. It gives customers a better and more comprehensive understanding of their goals, objectives, mission, and vision. A script lays the solid and robust foundation of the success of a brand and illustrates the features and functionalities of a product to customers. A script should have distinctive characteristics to engage and convert the viewers.

Choosing a Video Style

Picking a video style can be tricky for small and large organizations. They need to understand the nature and purpose of client business to select a video style accordingly. The theme of a video varies with the trend, such as whiteboard, 3d animation, live videos, or product description videos.

Make an explainer video enjoyable to watch and add an original content script to draw customers’ attention. The how-to tutorial video has a valuable demand in the market, and they are ideal for explaining the products to clients in a straightforward manner. They structure a step-by-step video format to get understood easily.

Keeping a Length Short

The popularity of explainer videos depends upon their length. Nobody would like to watch longer-duration videos that give viewers a tedious experience and cause them lose interest in seeking information or making transactions. It is always recommended to keep a length to a minimum as possible.

The optimal length of an explainer video should be between thirty to sixty seconds, making it easier for the audience to grab and absorb the content. Content must be written for the audience and should relate to a context. It must be shared or distributed on multiple devices to gain complete customer access. Content should be promoted on cross-platform browser platforms to reach a broad range of audiences and cater to their requirements.

Pitching Up the Sales

Every visual content is meant to pitch sales to the customers. It highlights the features of products to persuade the buyers to buy. The best way is to keep a natural tone and not flaunt the business or its products to portray the wrong image. An explainer video content should deliver value to the company and enhance its significance among the customers. It should address the problems and bring reliable solutions that work effectively for the business.

Creating an Entertaining Video

An explainer video must be entertaining. It should engage the audience and provide them with a balance of education and information for the customers. Businesses should add a mix of emotions and sentiments to melt the heart of buyers and convince them to make a purchase.

Adding the Voice and Music

A blank visual is of no worth until and unless it combines with the voice-over and music. They breathe life into the video and add tremendous value to the brand. A professional sound quality profoundly impacts the visitors to watch a video and listen to audio carefully and interestingly. Music adds a harmonious effect to a video and develops customers' interest in listening to a video and entertaining their mood. The combination of sound and music leaves a lasting impression on the audience and catches their attention.

Shooting and Editing

Shooting a video is a creative activity to think of a unique idea and implement it on a video to make it appealing to customers. Companies must have the best quality camera to capture the perfect video and record it to upload on YouTube. Editing is a thorough process of going through the technicalities and refining the visual appearance to attract and convert the target audience.

Bottom Line

Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are valuable tips for creating explainer videos in 2022. The demand for explainer videos is rising in the market, and businesses are adding them to their advertising strategy to promote their brand. They are futuristic techniques of showcasing the products and persuading visitors to buy.

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