7 Steps for Creating Motion Graphic Animation in 2022

7 Steps for Creating Motion Graphic Animation in 2022

In today’s competitive digital era, the demand for a static website is losing its significance and gradually fading. The disappearance of the static content is due to the rising appearance of visual content. Videos capture the keen attention of people worldwide due to their dynamic and interactive visual content.

Nowadays, businesses are more into creating rich videos for their brands to showcase their products and increase sales to generate revenue and profit. Companies adopt the most modern video production trends or hire a team from a video animation company having advanced expertise in motion graphics. So, what a thing is motion graphics and why is it getting popular among businesses and individuals? We will dig deeper into this blog to find answers and explain everything extensively to readers.

Motion Graphics

In layman’s terms, motion graphics are a kind of movement that appeals to your eyes when combined with text. It floats on the screen in various angles and directions, including diagonal, hexagonal, and linear. The floating depends on the speed and velocity of movement of a blend of text and visuals. Sometimes, they move slowly and haphazardly to create a vibrant and colorful visual experience for viewers on the screen. People might have seen motion graphics in movies and television. The appearance of characters’ titles in a movie is an excellent example of motion graphics. It gives a colorful appeal to the viewers and profoundly impacts them.

Motion graphics is a form of abstract visual art. It showcases the artistic and creative illustrations that draw the target audience’s attention and hook them to the screen. Motion graphics is an excellent platform to narrate imaginary stories and shape them into a realistic visual appearance. It pulls the attraction and connects the visitors to the video, leaving a lasting impression on them. A motion graphics video is a powerful means to immerse customers into the video and capture their focus and concentration without blinking their eyes.

Types of Motion Graphics Video

In this blog, we categorize a motion graphics video into the following types:

Emotional Motion Graphics Video

An emotional motion graphics video triggers sentiments, feelings, and emotions in a video. It shows a strong emotional appeal to the viewers. The fundamental purpose of using inspirational videos is to have an audience’s good or bad experience and compel them to take prompt action. The responses inspire businesses to add more qualitative components in a video to build a deep connection with the customers.

Promotional Motion Graphics Video

It is another form of motion graphics video that promotes a brand or advertises products to help businesses generate sales. Creating a promotional motion graphics video aims to increase brand significance among customers and convince them to buy products and services. It drives lead conversions and accomplishes specific goals of businesses to increase profit and return on investment ROI.

Explainer Motion Graphics Video

Many businesses use explainer motion graphics videos to explain their brands’ processes and features to customers. They provide an extensive description of its purpose, mission, and vision. An explainer video clearly illustrates the features and benefits of products to the audience. It simplifies the idea and intention to eliminate distractions and interact with visitors.

Steps of Creating a Motion Graphics Video

Initial Discussion with Clients

Everything begins with a discussion. It is an information-gathering step that allows designers to collect and accumulate the essential requirement of a video project. It involves a formal meeting with clients that discusses a detailed description of the project. The session can take place at any location. It depends upon a mutual understanding of a designer and a client to meet and communicate for a better and clearer view of a project. They can share over a phone, email, chat, or have a video conference in case of a remote client. The summary of the meeting ends with the fulfillment of specific goals for a client’s business.

Crafting a Creative Script

After getting done with the meeting and discussion, now is a time to get to work. A scriptwriter’s job starts with keeping an idea of a client’s requirements. They need to think innovatively and use their extreme mental capacity to develop a strong script.

 A script must be simple and clear to understand an audience quickly. There are a few things a writer needs to keep in mind while creating a script, such as finding a relevant target audience from a niche industry. They also should create an engaging screenplay to draw the audience’s attention and receive tremendous responses. Designers can add the advanced components to a video to make it compelling such as kinetic text, voice-over, and visual graphics. Adding these things enhances the value of a video and increases its visibility with higher traffic and conversion.

Storyboarding the Script

Storyboarding transforms text-based scripts into interactive visual content to grab customers’ attention. It is a form of blending the writing and visuals and shaping them to better represent a brand or product. Designers sketch the frames and visualize the characters appropriately fit into the script. It gives a colorful visual view and creates a movement of characters to explain and understand things clearly to the audience.

Creative Animation Design

Animation design is an artistic phase to turn the storyboard content into a dynamic video animation. It involves creating motion graphics, adding music and sound effect, and giving a voice-over to make an animation video for the customers. The time length is an essential factor in creating a motion graphic animation video and emphasizes keeping the short span of a video to retain the viewers’ engagement.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it summarizes the above description of the ultimate guide to creating motion graphics videos. It helps businesses portray their brands effectively and boost their sales to the peak. Viewers also watch these videos with great interest and seek exceptional knowledge of a product they need to buy. The demand for motion graphics video is getting increasingly popular nowadays and is a beneficial approach for businesses to dominate their reputation in the next future.

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