Top Healthcare Website Designs: What Makes Medical Services Good

Top Healthcare Website Designs: What Makes Medical Services Good

We are seeing healthy competition happening between eCommerce websites. Businessmen and companies want to expand their business. They want to grow their businesses in all corners of the world. However, traveling from limited local markets to diverse international marketplaces wasn't easy in the past. Thanks to the revolution of the internet to make it possible. Everything is at our fingertips, from fashion to shopping, home appliances to home décor services, from healthcare websites to online consultancy.

Unquestionably, the blessing on the internet isn't complete until it offers medical assistance. Surprisingly, hospitals, national healthcare divisions, and pharmaceutical companies are using it to the best of their advantage. They even employ a doctor web design services agency to create a professional healthcare website.

Furthermore, every person that runs an online business wants to reach the top of the world. It could only be possible if that business owner is passionate, breathing, and alive. Likewise, healthcare websites are also gaining popularity, mainly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these sites are certified and run under the government's supervision.

Moreover, many doctors also have websites where they regularly post blogs related to medicine. They also offer medical assistance online to patients who are unwell and bedridden. Besides that, doctors offer remote consultancy, checkups and prescribe treatment for different illnesses. There are many ways to provide good medical services via a website. Make sure you follow these steps:

·         Choose an easy-to-understand, simple website layout to start with the process.

·         Only use primary colors to add life to your website. Besides that, you can use secondary colors for graphical representations.

·         Do not waste time decorating your healthcare website. Respect its primary purpose, which is to provide health benefits to people.

·         Add big navigation bars to categorize the database. These onscreen buttons also help visitors find the correct information in a matter of seconds.

·         Add a dedicated search bar on your healthcare website. It will help users find information quickly without wasting time.

·         Add a personal blog page section to your website. Regularly post topics related to prevalent diseases, prevention of illnesses, and how to diagnose symptoms.

·         Add a customer team present 24/7 on your website. Do not forget to add a practitioner to your communicative squad.

1. A hearty & healthy website search: IU Health

This healthcare website is owned by Indiana University, as the name suggests. Its primary feature is a dedicated keyword search that helps users collect all the necessary information they require. In addition, you can also use available filter search options such as health news, medical services, events, consultancy medic offers, and locations.

Furthermore, the IU Health healthcare website is one of the few ones among those that offer history search listing. Your recent searches will appear on the left side of your screens. Thus, you'll be able to track your essential searches easily.

2. Simplicity & minimalistic Design: Centura Health

CH is an excellent healthcare website you can visit now. It has a clean, simple, and straightforward layout that helps visitors find what they're searching for. Also, the architectural design is admirable and shows they care about their patients. The navigation bar is well-ordered with only necessary information. As well, includes five main links and only two secondary ones.

3. High-quality visuals: Mercy Health

This healthcare website is best known for its high-quality images. The Mercy Health platform includes high-resolution pictures with the correct sizes, illustrations, and colors to keep visitors engaged. You can easily navigate the website by simply clicking the images. It shows us the importance of audio-visuals that adds to a perceptive peaceful mood inside the viewer's mind.

Moreover, this healthcare website regularly updates its stale content into something lively. The Mercy Health webpage is constant with neat images, high-quality visuals, and the application of dynamic health-centric photography.

The visuals on this webpage ensure users enjoy the time they spend here. Also, a vibrant color used for the search box emanates feelings of liveliness and good wellbeing. All in all, the Mercy Health webpage is an excellent place for people looking for instructive pictorial elements.

4. Website navigations & accessibility: Rest Assured

This healthcare website is based on the WCAG 2.0 AA Level standards. The Rest Assured platform is best known for its enormous webpage appeal. You can also use various helpful design elements and put them into best practices. As well, includes large color-contrasting fonts, big clickable buttons, and easy-to-use keyword navigations.

Rest Assured also uses alt tags on images that screen readers and other text-to-speech software can read. Besides that, alt tags help blind persons interpret information on the website.

5. Educational curative videos: Regional One Health

This healthcare website uses a more caring approach for users visiting. This site is full of health-based videos demonstrated with a storytelling appeal. The Regional One Health site uses videos to keep its users engaged.

Not only does it offer appealing video streams, but it also ensures people grasp quick information. They're able to get considerable knowledge about ailment diseases, prevention, and other prevalent disorders. The Hero Banner is the main highlight of this website. It features the most popular and exciting animated videos about personal health, family wellbeing, child's health, illness' symptoms, and more.

6. Medical database: Mayo Clinic

This name is among the finest healthcare websites in the world. Mayo Clinic is all about preserving, protecting, and propagating wellbeing information based on real-time data, facts, and figures. It offers visitors extensive knowledge searching for symptoms, cures, medicinal assistance, physician contacts, and whatnot. Besides, Mayo Clinic offers an online guidebook for various Diseases and Disorders.

Furthermore, this healthcare website includes an alphabetical grouping that sorts in the information accordingly. It also consists of a dedicated page that features essential health topics such as heart health, psychological disorders, and organ transplants. These are usually written by doctors having decades of experience in their respective fields. Additionally, Mayo Clinic has a dedicated in-built symptom checker to help you get real-time results for your sickness complaint.


Besides the healthcare websites stated above, several other platforms offer essential information about health problems. For instance, the Rush Medical domain is known for its attention-grabbing content. On the other hand, the Arkansas Surgical Hospital includes open accounts and testimonials of patients. Other popular healthcare websites include The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Alfred, Fitwise Physiotherapy, Greensborough Road Surgery, Northern Health, Lifecare, and The Royal Woman's Hospital.

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