Ultimate Wedding Website Design Guide in 2021

Ultimate Wedding Website Design Guide in 2021

It is great to see how the digital sphere is taking a sharp edge. Every business, be it a small or a colossal enterprise, is adopting a digital approach and having a website for this purpose.

A wedding is a special and a lifetime event that you cherish throughout. The memorable moment of two souls becoming one for a lifetime is priceless; hence the wedding plans should also be remarkable. Wedding web design and development are progressively introducing unique websites, but still, there are some more designing elements that you can add to your website.

The need for good websites is fundamental to cater to the needs of people. For a wedding website, the design of your website matters a lot. Here we are going to briefly discuss some fantastic wedding website design guides for 2021. Now you can get your plans streamlined to offer superb wedding arrangements for the clients. Let us start!

Straightforward UI is the core

A good wedding planning website needs to have a straightforward layout. Your primary motive is to attract potential customers; hence it is essential to make everything visually appealing yet clear. A simple user interface allows the visitors to explore the website even more. If you want your unique features to pop up, creating a simple UI and layout of your website is a must.

A prominent CTA

Without a prominent call-to-action button, there is no use in having a wedding website. You cannot expect your visitors to visit the site for ideas. The primary purpose is to make them avail of your services, and you can do this by incorporating a good CTA button on the website.

Integrate a web tour

The newest integration you can add to your website is a tour guide to help the customers select their best. How? Well, when you initiate a tour guide of your website, the customers will be able to unfold some amazing facts about your services. If your services are flourishing in impressing them, they will probably avail themselves of it. Make sure every landing page of your site is consistent and offers some unique discounts. Do not forget, your clients love extra discounts, and it might be the main selling point of your business.

Guided actions are integral

When you initiate a web tour for the clients, make sure you also incorporate some guided actions below. It might come as a pop-up or a quick flash to attract visitors. A continuous reminder often works a great deal on a website. However, it will only perform the best if your overall website is impressive. Hence, make sure every element on your website falls in place and looks appealing to the eyes.

You cannot expect it to be too creative

Too much creativity often leads to confusion, and your site's purpose is to attract the customer instead of confusing them. Hence, you should keep all the elements of your website in line to get a more direct and engaging site experience to the clients. Your visitors are likely to turn into potential buyers if you allow them a good site experience. Do not puzzle them. In fact, make them curious so that they are eager to learn more about your services. But how are you going to do that? It is possible if you try to keep a balance between creative elements and informational elements.

Sometimes, extra elements become a leading cause of confusion, which is not a good idea. Hence, informational content with a tinge of creativity might work for you.

Separate sections for each arrangement

To make a website look more interesting, you can also create separate pages for each section. For instance, the guest list and flower arrangements can come in respective web pages where a good description and your criteria can pop out to guide the visitors.

This way, the visitors will be directed in good practice as well as you will be able to explain your services in the best possible way. Moreover, the risk of confusing your visitors will not be coming in here.

The card designing

Card designing is a hassle these days. You do not get some outstanding designers until you search hard for them. Hence, if you provide a wedding planning service, you need to offer card designing services. We are living in a digital era, where cards are now being distributed via social accounts. Hence, a great graphic designer can come into play here. He can design outstanding cards for the customers.

You can also integrate card designs and sample cards on your website to give your clients a better idea about your deliverables.

Testimonials and Reviews are a must

A testimonial section is a must on a website. It is a must for all kinds of websites because it works as a bonus point for your business. If a client is confused about your services, he will hop onto the review section to read what others think about your services. Make sure your testimonial section builds the interest of the visitors and turns them into potential buyers. It works as a defining moment for your business.


Add sign-up forms

It would be great if you integrated a sign-up form on your wedding website. A sign-up form tends to provide you with the necessary information of a client. You can gather their email addresses from there and then strategize a good email marketing campaign for your business as well. It is not just good for strategizing the marketing plans, but it will also let you figure out how many people are interested in your services.

Less text and more graphics

A good website often relies on less text and more graphics. You must be familiar with the phrase, "A picture paints a thousand words." Hence, try to add more graphics and colors to your website than making it all text-y. Furthermore, you cannot expect your visitors to fall for a website that is hundred percent content-based. Try engaging with the visitors through graphics.

Link with social media

Social media plays a vital role in making your business reach more customers. If you are still not aware of the power of social media, then you should try linking it with your website. Moreover, do not forget to work on the social media pages too. It will have a lasting effect on your overall business. Good luck!

Final words

Planning a website is not very challenging if you are well aware of its fundamentals. Your primary task is to attract customers and make your services sell. Hence, following the tips mentioned earlier might help you do so. All the very best! 

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