What Is the Difference Between Web Development & Web Design?

What Is the Difference Between Web Development & Web Design?

As a web creator, are you muddled with what career path to choose? Do you know web designer and web development are two different fields? If you are confused then, we have a perfect explanation for you in this article!

Who is a web designer?

A web designer is an excellent graphic artist who is solely responsible for creating and designing a website layout. Before implementing a website design, it is important to create wireframing which depicts the outlook of a website. Besides that, a web designer is a skilled designer, who excels in creating the interactive visual appearance of a website.

Living in the modernized world, we can easily get access to a good custom web design company. If you have excelling skillsets, then you can surely pave your way through!

Who is a web developer?

The responsibility of a website structure and its foundation is on the shoulders of a web developer. A web developer is responsible for the functionality of a website. They use coding languages such as HTML, PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript to build create website structures.

The present competitive world has elevated the presence of different website companies. To become a part of a custom web portal company, you should be able to have excellent web development skills.

Web designer VS. Web developer

A web designer and a web developer always come parallel to each other. After all, they both are related to the technology of websites. However, these two-web phenomenon completely differ from one another. However, note the fact, both fields are highly important in a website and you can’t miss out on both.

The Role of a web designer

A web designer possesses a varied set of skills. The main motto of a web designer is to create interactive visual aspects in a website. Designers excel in creating great layouts altogether. To have a leading edge in the competitive world, a web designer needs to master all the fortes of an element of website design.

Creating just visually pleasing website is not the only goal, but creating a user-friendly website that encourages visitors to stay around is the ultimate goal. Besides this, a web designer needs to incorporate conversion-generating elements. The designs are created in a way, they can translate across various devices as well.

With the rise of the latest web design trends, it is important to hire a web designer online. If you are a designer who is well-versed with brand imagery, color palettes, fonts, and many more. Then you are good to go.  The smallest detail counts!

The role of a web developer

A web developers’ primary responsibility is to build and maintain the fundamental structure of a website. Developers are technical as they use complex coding and advanced programming languages. The ideas and concepts of a designer are turned into full-fledged functional websites. In addition, if we describe the role of a web developer, in a nutshell, we should know they are overburdened with a lot of technical work.

Constructing a website encircles around coding and configuring the server, the databases on the backend. Besides this, they including user-facing features with proper testing and configuration. Just like constructing the basic architecture of a house, a web developer constructs a website.

Skillsets of a web designer

A web designer’s specialty is to create excellent layouts. Once the designers are well-versed with the layout then come other elements. Web designers have sound knowledge about HTML and CSS. They should be able to understand the principle of web design and the know-how to create responsive designs.

Furthermore, a web designer should have exceptional wireframing and prototyping skills. Coming onto the elements of design, the designers have great insights on branding, color theory, and typefaces. All these elements can be indulged using great designing tools and software.

Skillsets of a web developer

A web developer should have technical skill sets to accomplish their roles perfectly. Developers know about tech-driven elements and have great knowledge of coding and programming languages. They should know how to carry out testing and debugging related problems. Their back-end and databases are strongly implemented. Besides this, they are extremely well-versed in Search Engine Optimization.

Moreover, apart from these technical fundamentals, a web developer should also excel in the role of being a critical thinker. This helps in the long run when they are liable to work with multiple clients.

The contrast

  • Since website designers focus on appearance and usability in a website, a web developer focuses on its functionality.
  • The idea and overall visual-based mockup is what designers excel in, whereas, a developer determines whether the visuals are plausible or not
  • The designer role does not involve technical features but a developer should have sound knowledge of all the technical features.
  • There are UX, UI, and visual designers and developers who are front-end, back-end, or full-stack.

Choose your approach

Website designing and development, are equally important. Since this article has descriptively provided the reasoning of both field. It is your job to choose the approach, that suits you.

Final Wordings

While a web designer and a web developer may sound similar. They have distinct responsibilities over their shoulders. Designers focus more on visuals that influence usability and provide a great UX. Developers work in making its functionality remarkable. If you want to dip your toes in the world of web fields, then you can choose whether you want to be a designer or a website developer. All the very best!

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