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Whiteboard animated videos are fun to watch and easy to comprehend. Web Design Lane assists brands in communicating their messages to the audience innovatively through its whiteboard video animation services.

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People love watching whiteboard animated videos. And it isn't tricky to figure out why they love it; watching a hand draw and explain is a captivating experience that compels the viewer to watch the entire video. Furthermore, these videos are an excellent way to communicate complex messages in a simple yet engaging way. So, if you want to boost the conversions by creating a visually arresting video that conveys more information, we are here to help!
Web Design Lane has an impressive track record of producing top-notch whiteboard animated videos. The company has produced more than 1700 whiteboard animated videos for small to enterprise-level businesses.

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Increase Conversions

Whiteboard animated videos are the perfect blends for enhancing conversions for brands looking to promote their products and services. According to a study, whiteboard explainer videos increase the conversion rate by up to 20%.

Supercharge the Sales

In this digital era with growing competition, consumers don't just search & purchase products/services. They learn about it from various online sources, including social media channels. Whiteboard animated videos provide an omnichannel experience, leading to a drastic increase in sales.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Studies suggest that a website with a video has 50 times higher chances of getting ranked on the first page of search engine results. These videos, when used on a website, improve the on-site time spend. The higher the on-site time spent, the higher the ranking on the search engine results.

Build a Loyal Clientele

A whiteboard animated video sets an effective and enjoyable communication between the brand and the audience. Therefore, when you invest your money in producing a whiteboard animated video, you are also investing in customer engagement, entertainment, and loyalty.

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Professional Video Animators

Web Design Lane has a crew of skilled video animators equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide the customers with the best video animation services.

Multiple Revisions

Our experts won't rest until you are delighted with the final work. We get the customer's approval at each stage of the production process and make revisions to ensure the best quality video.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are committed to skyrocketing your business's online success by producing animated videos that entice the audiences and convert them into buyers.

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    I found Web Design Lane as the perfect choice as far as digital and branding solutions are concerned. To raise the brand awareness, they have made use of expertise to get the job done.

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    They have helped our brand grow, and have provided top-notch quality work all the times. Hence the reason why they are on top of my recommendation list.

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    Their top-quality work is the proof of their dedicated approach and hence they generated marvelous results for my website.

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    There are various reasons I am fan of Web Design Lane, they have better support, reasonable rates, and quick delivery times than many other websites.

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    I loved the website design that Web Design Lane delivered to me. I am impressed with their timely approach as well as their professional approach.

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