Popular Method for Online Storytelling

Popular Method for Online Storytelling

There was a time when mothers used to tell sleep time stories to kids at night. The idea of storytelling begins from the oral tale. People used to narrate stories to each other and pass them on to the next generation. It became a tradition that defined a culture of a nation. The concept of storytelling is based on narrating the fables, tales, and fabricated stories to people. It does not matter the truth or a lie behind them but these stories are legendary histories that are still heard and told.

There is a contributing role of parents and teachers in building the positive character of their kids with stories. Teachers used to teach lessons from storybooks in the form of poems and nursery rhymes. These lessons are helpful in the upbringing of students and developing their strong personalities. Whatever the students have learned today and stand on the top position is all due to storytelling.

The popularity of storytelling does not end here. It is an essential element of novel writing and writers use this technique to engage the readers. Over time, the value and demand for storytelling have increased the most among writers and readers. Now, they utilize the modern and latest means of 21st-century technology of whiteboard explainer video.

In this blog, we will discuss popular methods for online storytelling in 2022:

Brainstorm an idea

Every story begins with an idea. Writers must have a brilliant idea in mind. They can think about a topic that they want to write on and publish it to share with others. If you are not having good storytelling ideas, you can borrow these concepts from others. You can ask your close family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to tell stories to you. It opens your mind and broadens your horizons to think positively and come up with terrific ideas.

Motivate the Audience

The audience is the core element of storytelling. They are people around you to which you can tell-tale stories. It is basically an oral activity to help inspire and motivate the niche target audience. Businesses engage the customers and capture their attention to keep their concentration on listening to their stories. Storytelling is an ideal way to attract and convert any age of the customer. It does not matter about gender, demographic location, interest, mood, qualification, and social preference.

Plan the Story

Planning is an essential thing to create an original plot and build a robust script for the audience. It is a process of conceiving a storyline and forming characters to connect with each other. The development of a plan organizes your thoughts and keeps your story flowing in a step-by-step process. The base of a story is original and does not match with others. It must be a unique script that differentiates the concept of a story from others.

Define a Clear Goals and Purpose

Every storytelling should have a purpose. Random storytelling does not work. It must fulfill the clear goals of a writer. The objective of storytelling should be to inform and educate readers about the topic or a subject. It should inspire readers to find resourceful knowledge and valuable source of information.

Deliver a Meaningful Message

The purpose of storytelling is to convey the right message to the right target audience. It should put a profound impact on the readers and leave a lasting impression on them. The storyline should serve as a worthwhile means of information to the visitors. It delivers a clear and transparent message to the customers and must convince them to buy your services.

Outline the Script

Writers must outline the script they conceive in mind. They use a whiteboard video maker to create a rough draft or a concise summary of a story. It is necessary for writers to organize the script with proper formatting. They can use bold and italic fonts with typefaces to impress the readers and grab their first glance noticeable attention. The text should be written in simple plain English to make it easier for readers.

Using fancy words and difficult vocab does not increase the value of content but creates confusion in readers. They can also lose the further interest of readers to read a story ahead. Readers quit in the middle of reading which affects the readability of the script and influences its popularity.

Storyboard the Script

Storyboarding is an activity of showing a visual appeal to the customers. It creates a pinboard of text, images, and videos to attract visitors and convert them to sales. The storyboard entertains the readers with colorful effects and displays the short pieces of script. It keeps a consistent flow of stories from one page to another. A storyboard is an interesting way of using hand-drawn sketches to tell the story. It narrates the story with moving characters and connects them together in a smooth and seamless flow throughout the narrative script.

Audio and Video Recording

The recording is an integral part of storytelling. It is a process of using the latest audio and visual means of film recording. The first thing you should consider is a modern camera device equipped with contemporary features and functionalities. Another thing is a microphone to listen to music and sound effects. The quality of the camera lens should be superb and excellent to capture the video shoot and bring results. It should have proper lighting with an accurate angle to shoot and capture a video script.

Edit the Video

Editing is an essential and ideal step in creating digital and online storytelling. It rectifies the mistakes and fixes them on the spot. The correction of errors defines the flawless quality of video content that is ready to be published and shared with customers. You can use all modern and creative tools for editing. Companies hire whiteboard animation services to make your task easier and provide a perfect video story to the audience.

Publish the Video

Publishing the video story is the last and final step of distributing and sharing your script with customers. There can be various ways to publish a video story such as website, email, social media, and viral videos.

Social media and video are the best means of promoting your digital storytelling. They are powerful sources of engaging the audience and bringing incredible traffic. You can drive superb conversion and generate revenue with a profit. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are leading social media storytelling platforms. YouTube is the most popular video storytelling platform along with daily motion, meta café, and Vimeo. Although, the website is a basic means of showcasing your textual storytelling. It is still popular among businesses to use the website for marketing content. It includes blogs, articles, web copies, and eBooks for online digital storytelling.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are popular methods for online storytelling. These methods are getting highly famous nowadays due to their increasing popularity all over the world. Every writer uses these techniques to promote their writing and drive incredible traffic with a remarkable revenue. They can have a website, blog, social media, podcast, and video to showcase the content to the readers. These digital assets help businesses grow and succeed in the market.

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