Top 10 Tools to Create an Animated Video

Top 10 Tools to Create an Animated Video

With the exponential growth in brand and product development, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to reach a wider target audience. In earlier decades, television advertisements were the best way to access customers and convey the right message. The ads used to appear repeatedly on the tv screen to hit the minds and senses of people. They remembered these childhood ads for all their lives and never forgot them if they could. That was the successful animated video marketing strategy of the past. They worked exceptionally well in that time of era.

The era of digital technology is now, and the internet is the prime source of information and entertainment for people. They can find any kind of information from Google. The giant technology platform has all the key answers and solutions to your problems. Google runs on content. Content is the lifeblood of search engines that drives their performance and triggers their crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Due to the abundance of content on the internet, people find them boring and switch their interest toward video. Visual content is far better than textual blogs and drives the most traffic and conversion. People love to hire 3d video animation services to help people watch videos for entertainment and infotainment activities. The best part is this Google also loves interactive visual content and promotes it to the top.

Following are the Top 10 Tools to Create an Animated Video for businesses:

Animaker Animated Video

It is an excellent free-to-use whiteboard animation software for everyone. The app uses flash software to create dynamic and actionable visual content. Everybody can use it easily due to its simplicity of design. People can shoot a short-length video and edit it to upload on their device. Animaker offers a variety of video animated content including infographics, and other elements for a video. It helps offer colorful and beautiful video animation to customers.

Desktop Whiteboard Animated Video

It is a fabulous animation software that uses hand sketches to draw the design and adds a valuable source of information on social media and video platforms. Desktop Whiteboard can be easily customized to develop animated software with multiple export options. It draws the sketches with pens and offers the full-screen mode with workbook sheets and a text editor to edit software before launching. The software consists of a marvelous UI interface with a reduced file size to easily download.

Net Pen Animated Video

It is a cost-effective whiteboard software that lets you manage and operate your video perfectly. Net Pen is a handy tool to build original quality visual content to draw the attention of customers and retain their presence. It is a creative and interactive platform to drive measurable results. This software allows you to sketch your visual drawing by using exceptional pen tools to shape and design text. It can be easily configured with a minimal file size on any device.

Render Forest Animated Video

It is a remarkable whiteboard software that is free to use for starters. Render Forest allows endless opportunities for designers to create original stories and narrate them to customers. It features colorful templates to create scenes and add music, sound, and animation to make them appealing to the audience. It is the best animation software for academic, entertainment, and corporate video production.

Video Maker FX Animated Video

It is an affordable video production software that focuses on creating and mastering high-quality content to inspire viewers. With Video FX software, you can make awesome software in less time and effort. It boosts the productivity of your organization and yields excellent profit on sales. The tool makes video making an enjoyable and memorable experience for customers.

Whyte Board Animated Video

It is an effective and efficient software tool used for a broad variety of images, videos, and animations for brands. Whyte board is a customer-friendly software application designed for a video animation company. that everyone can use without any difficulty. It works on cross-platform devices and supports responsive animation. Whyte board is an excellent tool for the target audience. It uses original and remarkable hand-drawn videos to show a tempting appeal to clients.

Open Sankore Animated Video

Open Sankore resembles its name and uses an open-source software tool for sketching and designing a whiteboard animation. It features fine-quality drawing and uses the mental capabilities of designers to come up with brilliant ideas for animations. It provides a clean and tidy atmosphere for designers to showcase their talent and display amazing work. Designers can upload their animations on social media channels for superb promotion and appreciation.

Coccinella Animated Video

It is a free-of-cost animation tool that builds remarkable and superior quality videos for clients. Coccinella uses a drag and drop option to upload images and animations. It is an excellent software for creating diagrammatic and tutorial-based videos to teach mathematics to school-going students. They can easily learn formulas with a rectangular-shaped design. It also offers an extensive and comprehensive library to professionals who can develop numerous videos in multiple languages formats. They allow businesses to collaborate and interact with a variety of clients with an ease of messenger tool for communication. It has a feature to share animations with friends and colleagues on social media platforms.

Powtoon Animated Video

Many leading businesses use Powtoon to create a dynamic and actionable visual presentation. It develops a focus of attention on the customers. Companies prefer this tool for building any three-dimensional animation video for the audience. The tool brings a true sense of innovation to your video animation and makes it appealing to visitors. It is an ideal tool for creating cartoon videos to catch attention of customers and makes them hook to the screen.

Moovly Animated Video

It is the most famous and popular video animation tool that focuses on choosing vibrant 2d animation services for clients. Moovly is a beneficial tool for all kinds of businesses. It supports their presence with animated videos. Companies can save this tool on their smartphone devices and share it on multiple social media channels. They include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Adding on YouTube

YouTube is the leading video channel that broadcasts live and recorded animated videos on the internet. It is an excellent video-sharing platform on the web and stores millions of real-time and animated videos in the database. As the demand for animated video content increased, businesses and individuals started taking an interest in developing videos for their brands. They started looking for diverse platforms to make videos such as free animation software applications.

Creating a Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard animation software is a one-of-a-kind tool that develops fabulous animations for businesses. It uses hand-sketched animations to explain brand products to customers and simplify complex technicalities with easy-to-understand ideas. Many startup firms look for a whiteboard animation company to animate visual content to better explain to the audience. It offers a dedicated and competent team of professionals who are ready to serve the customers and provide them with reliable solutions for measurable results. For the DIY approach, we have compiled a list of top whiteboard animation software for free in 2022.


All in all, these above-mentioned are useful whiteboard animation software for free in 2022. Whiteboard animation is an informative and entertaining platform for businesses to share their thoughts and deliver their ideas to customers. It offers a reliable marketing strategy for organizations to market their products to clients. The demand for creating an animated video is rising day by day. It gives rise to a sense of innovation in static video production. Companies are willing to build dynamic videos for simplifying the complex idea of their businesses. They use a visual medium to create an interest in people to watch the video from the beginning till the end. 

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